Changing Courses - Add/Drop Subject

Changing Courses - Add/Drop Subject

Use the Acellus App to sign into the parent interface. Click on 'Manage Account.'

Next select the 'edit' button by your student’s name.

Once you have selected the edit button, you may select drop down boxes to adjust the following:

    • Subject – Select a specific subject to help narrow down your course options.
    • Grade – Select a grade level to see the course options for any specific grade. (We recommend leaving this field blank when adding electives.)
    • Course – Courses appear in this box based on the grade and subject selected. Any course marked with a star would be our recommendation for that grade level/subject.

  • Weekly Goal – This is the number of steps set for the week (divided into a 5 day goal Mon-Fri.)

Select the 'save' button at the top of the page. Once the changes are made, the student will be able to see the new courses added when they sign into their student account. If the student is already logged into their account, have the student sign out and log in again to see the new courses.

To remove a course, select the course field and choose a different class or select none.

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